The Island


Xlendi is a popular sea side resort tucked away under towering cliffs with a small land-locked sandy and pebbly beach, on the south west side of the Island. The beach is ideal for both young and old alike, while for the more adventurous it is possible to swim and snorkel off the rocks bordering the beach. Because of its reef formations, Xlendi is an ideal diving site even for beginners. There are three diving schools and centers based in Xlendi offering a high level of service.

Xlendi is also a typical Gozitan fishing village and harbors a number of fishing vessels. Xlendi has all the amenities for visitors equipped with several restaurants, bars and souvenir shops. The pedestrianized Sea front is always bustling with tourists taking in the beautiful view during lunchtime and also at night when al fresco dining is de rigueur during the summer evenings. It’s also an idyllic place at sunsets.